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Gloucester-Mathews Tour

Gloucester-Mathews Garden and Home Tour - Saturday, April 27 2013

On a sunny Saturday morning eight members of the Hampton Roads Region ...the Baker's, Geiger's, Rankin's and Harris-Evans's gathered at the Duke of York Hotel in Yorktown for breakfast.

   After breakfast the group journeyed to       The first stop was the Magnolia House 
   the Edge Hill House in Gloucester to        where the earliest part on the right in the
   obtain the tour tickets and then                  picture was built before 1700
   proceeded to Mathews County

  Later additions included the connection
  of a school room to the house. The rear      The property also includes a guest house
  view of the house includes a 1,100-foot
 expanse fronting the East River.

                              A shuttle bus was taken to Samarkand Gardens

Samarkand was built in 1927 as a summer cottage and retirement home on Woodas Creek. the current owners have restored the house and have added out buildings that include a narrow-gage model train setup.

    Next stop was lunch at Richardson's             After lunch we traveled to 
             in the heart of Mathews                           Buckley Hall In Mathews


  Richardson's  was  a  Pharmacy/Soda         Buckley Hall, a gracious center hall  
 Counter and has many pictures showing      house in the Georgian Style, was built
 old cars & some products sold in the 30's    in the 1850s as the centerpiece
                                                                  of an 
extensive plantation. The kitchen
large wood burning stove
                                                                  used for cooking and heating. Buckley
                                                                 Hall is currently a Bed & Breakfast

                           The final stop on the tour was Springdale
                             The original part of Springdale is estimated
                             to be c. 1735. The house was built on Put-In
                            Creek for a captain in the American Revolution.
                            Most of the original construction is still intact.

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