Hampton Roads Cadillac-LaSalle Car Club
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Murfreesboro NC Tour

May 18, 2013 - It was the Annual Chowan Porkfest, Antique Car Show and Jefcoat Museum of America Open House! The morning rendezvous point for our Club members was at I-HOP in Suffolk, Virginia.

...No one goes hungry on a Hampton Roads Region, Cadillac-LaSalle Club Tour...

Everyone had a great time showing off their cars, eating Carolina BBQ, and checking out the Jefcoat Americana Museum in Murfreesboro!!

Members Michael and Amanda Rankin, Don and Mary         Michael and Amanda Rankin next to their 1981 Seville
Baker, Viator Trudeau, JimWomble, and Walter Beasley
at breakfast  at I-Hop in Suffolk, Virginia.

James & Barbara Stansbury next to their restored Mustang         Viator and Don assess roof damage on Don's Lincoln

                                              Items from the Jefcoat Museum Tour
Shoe store foot x-ray machine, the late 40's & early 50's     
                  RCS Victor dog, life size and then some

         Mr. Jefcoat's original bed from his home                               Items found in shoe stores and cobbler shops
                       Hand powered paint shaker                                                Early Jukebox and baptismal font

      Crosley Icey Ball, an early maker of cold and ice               Collection of stuffed animals for educational purposes
      through the use of ammonia and water

                           Collection of shoe horns                                     
                       Collection of antique tools

                            Antique woodworking tools                                                            Antique coffee mills

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